Latest news around Talheim Records, bands and many more.

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Latest news around Talheim Records, bands and many more.

Afraid Of Destiny - Contra Omnes

"Contra Omnes" - The fourth album of the Italian atmospheric/depressive black metal band Afraid of Destiny.

Contra Omnes is the disillusioned, hysterical and warlike mantra that permeates the vision of the uncouth and hypocritical theater that surrounds us.

Happy Days - En Enfer, J’ai Régné

After 5+ years of silence, Happy Days emerges from the deepest darkest pits of the abyss to bring forth a brand new full length album “En enfer, J’ai Régné” which includes 11 songs of Depressive Suicidal Black Metal with a unique mix of Black Funeral Doom and Neo Classical elements that are added into this Melodic and emotional disc.

Kanashimi - 闇歌 Yamiuta

"Existentiell Vånda" - The debut album of Winter Willow where melancholy meets euphoria.

As life’s emptiness is reflected in the intimate vocals and personal lyrics, the music takes the listener on a journey through nostalgia and emptiness in a dynamic soundscape of raw, monotonous guitars, bombastic drums, rumbling bass and haunting melodies.

COVID 19 - Update

Latest information about Covid 19.
Tulpa, an italian blackend crust metal band are going to release their debut "Unhealed" on June 1st, 2019.

The band was founded by Alessandro (Domina Noctis), Andrea and Kyoo Nam (Forgotten Tomb, Domina Noctis, Kirlian Camera). Matteo (Mother Augusta) joined 2017.
Laang 冷 (english: Cold) is an atmospheric black metal band from Keelung City 基隆市, Taiwan.

Haiyang, the official debut which got already released in digital format is going to be released as CD globally on June 22, 2019.

The future of Talheim Records

Talheim Records, a retrospective view on 2018 and the upcoming focus
New payment options like Masterpass, Dinersclub and for our chinese customers UnionPay China and support via WeChat.
Happy Days hooded zip sweater for their latest and most personal album of the band since their founding. High quality hoodie made of biocotton.
Psychonaut 4 hooded zip sweater for their re-issue of their debut "Have A Nice Trip". Strictly limited release made of high quality biocotton.
Adamant, the new album of the austrian black metal band Asmodeus is going to be released on December 1st, 2018.

Some limited t-shirts, girlies and longsleeves are going to be available to.
Asmodeus, die österreichische Black Metal Band die ihr 22 jähriges Bestehen feiert, sind nun ein Teil des Talheim Records Rosters.

Mehr als zehn Jahre sind seit der Veröffentlichung ihres letzten Albums "Imperium Damnatum" vergangen.
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