COVID 19 - Update


Covid 19 has a big impact on the economy, luckily we are save and still processing with the operations especially in this times. Updates going to be published at the begin of May.

1.) All planned releases which should be arrive after the 16 March, especially the vinyl are delayed. The background is a big fire in one of two factories who are still delivering the base resources for vinyl production. The big one in America is destroyed, the one in Japan is slowered down because of Covid 19.

2.) The VarulV box set is not just impacted by this, the artist who should do the handcarved/drawn bones is doing a job with his knowhow to help through this crisis. We are working on a solution but I hope you can understand that this are harsh times.

3.) The delivery of over 200 countries got already blocked. We are not able to print labels, neither ship things out. The austrian postal service is updating the list daily, so if your order is not delivered, if your order is returned, no worries. We are working on solutions but bounded to the global situation.


4.) We are working on new things to give you the chance to listen to the music, also if you are not owing any streaming account. Some people are already struggling with the situation (short work, got fired). As a big fighter for open source software in technical things we are going to give you the option to stream all albums of our roster bands via youtube in the best quality we can offer.

Official Youtube Channel: Talheim Records Channel

5.) We are going to make an offer later where you will be able to shop for cheap prices to get great music. Harsh times need good solutions. Depending on the options we have, we start while or after the crisis (shipping is nearly impossible so you would have to wait for). But if you want to support the artists we are also open. To be more community driven like open source projects.

I am offering this because we are running Talheim Records as a passion, not as a company we are living from. So we do this for the music, the bands, you, the fans, not to fight for survive.


If you have questions just write us in the live chat here in the shop, write an e-mail or call us!



Mathias Rumbold

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