TR041CD 浊世-The Mortal World - 三千大千世界-SanQianDaQianShiJie available!

浊世 (english The Mortal World) is a chinese ambient post black metal band with experimental influences. Their opus 三千大千世界 (SanQianDaQianShiJie) is the debut of the musicians Dark Serpent and Desolate and the succession of their EP.

The artwork of the digipak was completely drawn by Desolate.

The album is available as flower digipak or rounded digipak consisting of 18 panels limited to 500 pieces.


01. 序
02. 净五根
03. 一真法界
04. 阿鼻业
05. 五相应
06. 中阴身
07. 无生无不生
08. 三千大千世界
09. 是名世界


浊世-The Mortal World - 三千大千世界-SanQianDaQianShiJie (Teaser)


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