Kâhld 'No Fertile Ground For Seeds' album available now!

The german black metal band Kâhld presents their debut 'No Fertile Ground For Seeds' after their demo. The opus leads you through the spiritual darkness and coldness, the abyss and inner conflict of the human spirit.

With more than a hour of playtime Kâhld delivers their thoughts, to express the question about the regenerative life transferred to the lifestyle of human.

The musical part is completed by the physical one, the inverted crosspanel digipak with noble print of silver on black on rough paper. Limited to 1000 pieces.


Available on:
Austria: https://t-r-c.biz/at-en-k-nfgfs | March 24, 2017
Germany: https://talheim-records.de/ | April 10, 2017



01. Prisoner Of Your Own Prison
02. No Fertile Ground For Seeds
03. Nothing Can Be Restored
04. Existence - Environment - Experience
05. The Step Outside
06. Our Crumbling Place
07. Revenge - Resistance - Response
08. Son Of The Earth Made Death
09. Domination - Destruction - Death


 Kâhld - No Fertile Ground For Seeds (Album Teaser)


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