TR033CD Wintarnaht - In Âgez, third studio album available on March 11, 2017!

The third studio album of the archaic black metal band Wintarnaht is titled „In Âgez“ (In Oblivion). As in the already released album „Tôdhên Uoþal" from 2013, the actual opus includes old high german lyrics and the unqiue musical style. A varying vocal with anger and epic passages.

The layout of the digipak and the booklet was designed with photographies of paper of old books combined with handwriting of the founder Grimwald, which lean to the one from the nineth and tenth century (cloister fulda).

The lyrics of each single song are included in the booklet. They are available in Old High German with translations into Neo-German.

Limited to 1000 pieces, the digipak is going to be released in cross form with twelve-sided booklet.


Available on:
Austria: | March 11, 2017
Germany: | March 20, 2017



01. In Âgez (In Oblivion), 3:03 min.
02. Balwaz Gudam (Disease Theism), 5:42 min.
03. Megîn Aihha (The mighty oak), 8:08 min.
04. Morganrôta (Dawn), 3:23 min.
05. Niowiht Werþan (Nothing will), 4:39 min.
06. þiu Sunnawentî (The Solstice), 5:43 min.
07. Seþal ûz îs (The throne of ice), 6:41 min.
08. Anagift þe Wintar II (Outset of winter), 4:02 min.
09. Rûnarûnôn (Rune whisper), 6:26 min.
10. Finstar Trauma (Darksome dreams), 17:05 min.

Total playtime 64:52 min.


 Wintarnaht - In Âgez


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