TR010VL Dødsferd - Wastes of Life Double Vinyl - Release in November!

Dødsferd, nineth album "Wastes Of Life" available as double vinyl in November.

Available as gatefold with anti-scratch lamination with six-sided sticked in and foldoutable booklet. Both vinyl are in a black paper-bag with foil feed.

A3 poster is included.


Black - Limited to 100 pieces
Bronze / Swamp-Green - Limited to 300 pieces
Transparent with black splatter - Limited to 100 pieces


Available on:
Austria: | November 17, 2016
Germany: | December 01, 2016



01. Wastes Of Life
02. Sterile Death, Without Mourning
03. The Dead Have No Speech For
04. To The Fall Of Man
05. Graves Of Your Creator
06. Doomed In Eternal Solitude
07. Staring At The Forthcoming Chaos


Dødsferd - Staring At The Forthcoming Chaos

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