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Because of the needed space for new releases we make an extended sale to empty the stock fast.

We offer -50% on nearly our whole stock of sound carriers and merchandise articles.

In addition if you reach an order value of 100,00€ (Austria + Europe) or 150,00€ (World) not just the shipping is free, you can also add up to six articles from the list below to your order for free. => Articles for nearly 100,00€ for free!

Stacking included!

Example: 100,00€/150,00€ - 6 articles for free, 200,00€/300,00€ - 10 articles for free!


CD list:

TR001CD Aschenglas – Schauderreich
TR002CD Obskene Sonare – Der letzte weiße Hirsch
TR003CD NightForest – Winternight (Winter Edition)
TR005CD Ketelen's Brukke – Ancient Shadow Throne
TR006CD Seelenfrost - ☽
TR008CD Wargoatcult – ApolokiA V
TR009CD Antiquus Scriptum – Conclamatum Est
TR010CD ~Sea Of Disorder~ - Merging Land And Sky
TR012CD Morn Guruth – Weltekel
TR013CD Thyrgrim – Erwachen
TR014CD Thou Shell Of Death – Sepulchral Silence
TR016CD Dystertid - Auf Faehrten alter Tage
TR017CD Tremor – Extreme Ancestral Ritual
TR021CD Lost In Desolation - Mourning I
TR022CD Nocturne - Nahash
TR023CD VarulV - Wolfszorn 
TR030CD Thyrgrim - Dekaden
TR031CD Durkheim - Dehumanization
TR032CD Mars Mantra - From Pain I Rise
TR033CD Wintarnaht - In Âgez
TR034CD Waldschrat - Metropolis wird fallen
TR036CD Happy Days - Save Yourself
TR039CD Vanhelga - Ode & Elegy
TR040CD Trollskogen - Die Weisheit des Einsiedlers
TR042CD The Four Eye - Blood Culling
TR045CD Psychonaut 4 - Neurasthenia
TR046CD VarulV - Sagenlieder
TR047CD Kâhld - No Fertile Ground For Seeds


Vinyl list:

TR001VL Karg - Apathie
TR003VL Karg - Malstrom
TR006VL Dodsferd / Happy Days / Psychonaut 4 - The Great Depression I (Red) 
TR007VL Dämmerfarben / Blaze Of Sorrow - Geister des Winters (White Vinyl)
TR009VL Thou Shell Of Death - Cave Hill (White Vinyl)

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